Adding the FUN into family photos

Family sessions can be intimidating but I'm here to make them fun and stress free! I'm a former elementary music teacher who loves working with kids. We are going to have tickle fights, kissing wars, and group hugs! I will literally run with you kids to get photos of them laughing and having a great time. I am mainly a Cedar Rapids family photographer but I travel all over Iowa for family photos.

Cedar Rapids Family Photographer

Expect to be covered in kisses, your makeup to smudge, and your hair to whip in the wind!

+ Online Gallery

Easily share with friends and family

All of our packages include:

+ Family Friendly Locations

Want to magically end the session at the playground? I've got you

+ High-Resolution images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size.

+ Low-Resolution Images

+ Printing in Gallery

+ Session Planning

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels

Professional print shop right in your gallery!

A unique session to showcase your family


The details


For 2 weeks after gallery delivery

The Full family session

This package is best for the FULL family (pets too) that want to make heirlooms to pass on!




+ Unlimited Professionally Edited images
   the candids and the portraits

+ 3 8x10 professional prints
   free shipping too!

+ Pets are part of this package!
   fury family invited

+ 30min. Session

+ Family friendly locations
   choose from my curated selection

+ Digital and Printing Rights
   download and print where you want

+ Professional Printing in Gallery
   add more prints right in your gallery



+ sales tax

The family session




+ 30-40 Edited images
   you can upgrade to unlimited for $50!

+ Digital and Printing Rights
   download and print where you want

+ Professional Printing in Gallery
   add more prints right in your gallery

+ 20 min.


+ sales tax

Want beautiful images of your people but worried about the time and energy it will take? I'll bring the energy and I just need 20 min. of your time!

N0. 02

Fill in your details to get the proposal sent right to your inbox! Then select the session that fits your needs.

N0. 01

The booking timeline

easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you submit the invoice, I’ll email to pick a location and get you on my calendar! A 25% retainer is due at the time of booking to claim a session, and the remaining balance is due the day of your shoot.

N0. 03

Our session will be you focused so follow where the kids go and don't be afraid to move!

N0. 04

After delivery you can select your prints and order any other goodies like a coffee table album to share with all your guests.





Photo Editing

My colors are true to life with a touch of warmth almost like you're seeing a memory in real life. I focus on skin tones to make you look natural. Light plays a huge role in how the colors show up in your photos. For example, photos taken outside during golden hour will have a lovely golden hue and even lighting to make a beautiful composition. Versus a photo taken inside under florescent lighting will have different tones and uneven light. 

Leave it to me to select the best areas to help you shine.

True to life, warm, romantic, intimate, nostalgic

Fine art albums, handcrafted memories.

Create an heirloom that your children's children can enjoy. These are fine art, lay flat, wrapped in emotion albums. 

It’s a lifetime’s keepsake beautifully made, just for you.
  • Select the photos you love the most
  • Review your custom-designed album proof
  • Select your finishing touches like album cover material
  • Share your heirloom on your coffee table

Digital images are great but alumbs ensure that your images are preserved for generations to come.

Family albums

Iowa extended family photos

Each extended family is different so I create my packages custom to your needs!

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neck rolls and sugar

The most unique and cute session you can imagine! When's the next time you let you kiddo take on a whole cake? Never? Bring my along to get every messy detail.

what could be better?

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